Damage control resuscitation. A Thor Network book.

Identification and Treatmentof Life-Threatening Hemorrhage This book provides a comprehensive overview of damage control resuscitation (DCR), an evidence-based approach to the resuscitation of patients with severe life-threatening hemorrhage (LTH). It focuses on both civilian and military applications, as DCR is utilized in civilian trauma situations as well as combat casualty care settings. The book covers • Leggi tutto »

Elisoccorso: video ufficiale Regione Emilia Romagna

Nel 2018, integrandosi con i mezzi di soccorso a terra, i quattro elicotteri della regione hanno volato 2114 ore ed effettuato 3220 interventi gestiti dalle tre centrali operative 118. Nel video le testimonianze di: Antonio Pastori – Referente rete 118 Emilia-Romagna Giorgio Randi – Coordinatore centrale operativa 118 Romagna Donatella del Giudice – Resp. Centro • Leggi tutto »

Su la testa!

Confirming the Clinical Safety and Feasibility of a Bundled Methodology to Improve Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Involving a Head-Up/Torso-Up Chest Compression Technique PDF EPUB Pepe, Paul E. et al., Crit Care Med 2019; 47:449–455 EMS Resuscitation Bundle (ERB): high-quality CPR plus 1°) Impedance Threshold Device (ITD) ➜ 2°) Automated Compression/decompression Device (ACD) asap ➜ 3°) 20° Head-Up/Torso-Up • Leggi tutto »

Impossible primary referral to the major trauma center of an integrated trauma system: a case of exsanguinating trauma treated in a Spoke hospital.

Trauma Emerg Care, 2017. Volume 2(3): 2-3 doi: 10.15761/TEC.1000132 Full text. PDF. Figure 1. Intra-operative image of vascular prosthetic bypass repair. Case presentation: we present a case in which massive bleeding by traumatic penetrating injury in zone 1 of the neck made impossible the primary referral to Major Trauma Center for clinical and logistical circumstances. • Leggi tutto »

Low Cost Simulation in Emergency Surgical Airway can Save Lives in an Italian Major Trauma Center.

J Eme Med Int Care 3(2): 117 Download PDF Our institution, the “Maurizio Bufalini” Hospital in Cesena, is a level 1 Trauma Center serving a population of approximately 1,250,000 which grows to over 2,000,000 during the summer due to coastal tourism. The Trauma Team’s leader doctor and nurse coordinator are always intensive care physicians and • Leggi tutto »